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    2023 Fall Institute
  • Thanks for joining our Summer Book Club 2023. Of course you can access this information at any time that is convenient to you. The purpose of this course is to explore the current cognitive science research as it pertains to learning within the context of High School STEM courses. Using the article Improving student success in chemistry through cognitive science, Hartman (2022) we will examine how the Edvantage Science programs support student learning in your courses. 

  • In the summer of 2023 we explored how the current research in cognitive science can improve our practice and student achievement. The following four short recordings provided a deeper analysis of key themes discussed in the Hartman et al paper. 

    • In our first session we take a quick tour of learning that includes the Information Processing Model with a focus on the importance of focus and attention. The Stroop Effect, Geary's framework for Biological Knowledge, spaced practice and building automaticity are explored.

    • In session 2 we explore Chew's work around pitfalls and choke points with the Information Processing Model. We then look at the instructional design within an Edvantage program to discover tools to save you time and support student learning.

    • In session 3 we look at the importance of facts and algorithms for building the automaticity need to solve well-structured problems. 

    • In our fourth session we will explore the importance of chunking as a strategy to reducing cognitive load on the working memory. 

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